Name: Censa
Age: 1,023
Height: 5′ 2″
130 lbs.
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Purple
Likes: Swimming, lounging
Dislikes: Intense movement

About: A woman who claims to be a water dragon, Censa mostly spends her time in deep waters, trying on different swimsuits that float down to her part of the sea while taking care of her mischievous (but easy to maintain) pet sea cucumber, Kyubei. Since all she normally has to speak with is fish and other sea life, she very literally lacks people skills and has few concerns about fitting into society at large. Soft-spoken and just soft in general, Censa effortlessly floats around even when she’s outside of the water – a puzzling effect that seems to apply to her whole body, much to the confusion and chagrin of those around her. She likes to give hugs, though her skin is like… well, you get it.

Inspirations: Censa has a pretty interesting history, having started with a very different design as part of a separate comic idea that Sashara was also a part of. Both of them got rolled into Dragon Dash instead, with Censa receiving a major overhaul to her design to strike a balance between being sexy and cute. Her name comes from “Censorshark,” a running joke that I used to use to block out certain parts of images. Her pet, Kyubi, comes from a corruption of “cube,” which seemed like a good name for a creature that’s practically gelatinous and has no hard edges whatsoever.