Marina Athena Thompson

Name: Marina Athena Thompson
Height: 5′ 5″
121 lbs.
Hair: Pink
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Rainy days, walks in the park
Dislikes: Spicy foods

About: An ordinary woman with one extraordinary trait: Her hair is naturally a bright pink, a genetic anomaly that causes her to stand out much more than she’d really like to. A mid-level employee at an insurance firm, Marina mostly spends her time trying to avoid eye damage from prolonged screen exposure and the occasional cup of coffee before taking the train home each night. Looking for the least excitement possible from the rut she’s carved out in life, her life is turned completely upside-down when a dragon woman comes knocking at her door one evening.

Inspirations: Marina was meant to be something of a foil to the other characters in Dragon Dash, but as the hair and eyes might suggest, she’s meant to have the pink hair and blue eyes that are visual shorthand for a heroine in anime. Her outfit is loosely based off of the uniform that’s relatively common for Japanese office workers, with some personal tweaks to give her a bit more personality.