Ryoko Baker

Name: Ryoko Baker
Height: 6′ 6″
186 lbs.
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Red
Likes: Baking, smashing thieves
Dislikes: Dry environments

About: One of the four heroes that successfully sealed away a terrifying dragon for one thousand years, Ryoko volunteered to be placed under a spell that suspended her physical age in time to ensure that future generations of heroes would be prepared for the threat that would one day face them. However, it seems like something got mistranslated along the way, since nearly a thousand years later, she’s gone from crushing skulls to kneading dough as a baker. She’s been keeping her eye on Marina for quite some time – she feels responsible ensuring that nothing happens to the last descendant of the four heroes. While she dresses a bit more sensibly for modern times, she likes to slip on the old bikini armor (what little there is of it) from time to time.

Inspirations: I wanted Ryoko’s origins to have a generic feel as one of four heroes who initially looks to be the archetypal warrior who has no personality aside from her chainmail bikini, so I chose her name based on being a common woman’s name while still having a feeling of strength to it. Her last name is Baker because she runs a bakery. Or maybe it’s the other way around?