Sasha Miller

Name: Sasha Miller
25 (in “cat years,” whatever those are)
Height: 5′ 8″
Hair: Gray / White
Eyes: Green / Yellow (Depending on viewing angle)
Likes: Fresh tuna, chicken
Dislikes: Dry food

About: A cat with a big imagination, a fierce sense of independence,  and a loose concept of what clothes are for, Sasha is adventurous and outgoing and has no problems taking care of things on her own. However, her curious nature often gets the best of her, resulting in her friends having to bail her out of plenty of unpleasant situations – even as she sees herself as the one playing the hero. With her big paws and large, soft ears, she feels confident that she’s the mascot character of the group.

Inspirations: Sasha was born from a general love of drawing cat characters. I wanted to make a character that was feminine, flashy, and a bit over-the-top in the ways that we typically attribute to cats, but ended up kicking it a bit into over drive and wound up with the design she has now.