Snowball Haukea

Name: Snowball Haukea
19 (in…”rabbit years?”)
Height: 4′ 8″(5′ 4″ with ears)
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Likes: Lettuce, autumn leaves
Dislikes: Loud noises

About: A little bunny who prefers classic designs over big, flashy shows, Snowball is decidedly more analytical than those around her, and is typically the first to notice any signs of danger. However, between her cat friend Sasha and her dog friend Sampson, she’s gotten used to having to get them out of trouble when they willingly walk right into the jaws of danger. Typically calm and collected, she considers herself the brains of the group.

Inspirations: Snowball has a relatively small upper body and a larger, thicker lower body and legs, which was inspired by your typical rabbit. Her bunny suit is pretty much a given considering she’s a rabbit and all.