Name: Search And Rescue Interface (SARI)
Software Revision: 2.37.8
Height: 5′ 10″
File Size:
372 MB
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Teal
Likes: New discoveries, tidy file systems
Dislikes: Failures of any kind

About: A program designed to rescue files from failing operating systems (or simply find stuff that was deleted), SARI knows exactly what her job is – and she’s good at it, if she does say so herself. Far from a shell carrying out commands, SARI is a vibrant and proactive program, diving into failing ROMs to recover whatever she can. From characters to objects to entire environments, if there’s a glimmer of hope that it can be recovered, she’s there to make it happen. Together with her partner program, KUNAI, she can even use her “masquerade” ability to blend in with certain games, changing her appearance at will. She works closely with Claire Discord of the ROMhack Detective Agency, and has a close relationship with one of her first rescued characters.

Inspirations: SARI was a Terraform character once upon a time, but was rolled into ROMhack instead. Her design is meant to invoke the idea of a kunoichi or sci-fi character with a full body suit combined with using cute characters on boxes to sell software (like the origins of Hatsune Miku).