Gunnhild Lynnrask

Name: Gunnhild Lynnrask
Height: 6′ 7″
197 lbs.
Hair: Blue
Eyes: Yellow
Likes: Roast boar, herb tea
Dislikes: Indecision

About: Originally created for Voices in the Wilderness, a tabletop campaign made using the 13th Age system, Gunnhild has gone through quite a few changes on her adventures with her group. Initially setting out to be a great hero without much thought about what that entails due to watching traveling shows as a child, she’s developed a much clearer understanding of the heart and sacrifice that goes into what she must do. During the course of her adventure, she’s discovered that she wasn’t simply a half-human, half-draconic as she was raised to believe; rather, she was once a human who had dragon elements grafted on to her to resist demonic corruption, resulting in her current appearance. Despite everything she’s been through, she keeps a positive attitude and a fighting spirit. No relation to Sashara.

Inspirations: Mostly just a love of dragons, though you can see a lot of similar design elements between her and Sashara Lynnrask (no relation). Her name mostly came from Norwegian roots; both “gunn” and “hild” mean “war,” and since the original character she was designed after was intended to be more violent and callous than she turned out to be, it’s become something of a mismatch. Lynnrask is something that sounded suitably dragon-y and doesn’t have a specific root. She shares her last name with Sashara, but that’s only because their initial designs came from a different character that was scrapped.