Amanda Valentine Rotor

Name: Amanda Valentine Rotor
Age: 23
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Likes: Cats, dogs
Dislikes: Indecision

About:  Amanda is a strong-willed woman with a big heart who likes to take on the role of an older sister to those she cares about. While she tends to take charge of any situation placed in front of her, she’s willing to listen to and accept opposing opinions if it’s a good enough argument – even if she can bit a bit stubborn about it. She sees Nova as a younger sister, and tries her best to take care of the dog woman accordingly – though her choice of clothing seems to have rubbed off on her “little” sis. She can’t stand to see anyone cry, and tends to try to fix a situation right away if tears start to fall.

Inspirations: While Amanda made her first true debut in Terraform, she’s been around in many different forms in short stories and illustrations long before then. Amanda’s been around so long it’s difficult to say exactly what inspired her originally. Her appearance in Terraform ended up changing based on Nova’s design – originally Amanda’s hair was significantly shorter and she was taller, but I wanted to play up Nova having an instant role model by giving Amanda similarly long hair while making her significantly shorter to play up the height difference. Her personality is initially based off of the sort of cold exterior that one might see in certain anime tropes, though with less of a one-dimensional personality. She thaws quickly and comes into her own as she adjusts to the world around her.